Wing Freedom X Review: Speedy and Pretty

When I to start with saw the Wing Liberty X, I questioned if it was going to be a more affordable just take on the Dutch VanMoof S3. I was walking to satisfy a good friend and took place to go by Wing’s showroom, and I did a backward-walking double-choose to peer in the window. The two electrical bikes look incredibly similar, and by that I signify they have tall, straight top rated tubes that overhang their tires for mounting a headlight and taillight. Both equally also have swept-back handlebars.

But appearances are definitely only pores and skin deep. The Independence X is a extremely distinctive bike, at a rate that’s additional palatable for most individuals.


It truly is brisk. Which is many thanks to the Bafang rear hub motor that steps 350-watt ongoing output and 550-watt peak output.

You get 5 stages of pedal help, but I generally held it on degree two, the second weakest. With the 7-velocity mechanical gearing, I hardly ever needed more ability. A couple of rotations of the pedals on level two aid, even from a standstill, shot me to 17 mph. It did not get considerably far more effort and hard work to top out at 20 mph, the ebike’s official top rated speed.

As a result of the display—there’s no companion smartphone app—you can unlock the bike to access 24 mph. It is one particular of the Freedom’s coolest options, but it does technically make it unlawful for use on most multi-use paths and trails. I’d just adhere to the default if you’re in a town. If you purchase the optional throttle for $80 additional, the Liberty X goes from a Class 1 ebike to a Course 2 since the throttle functions even if you are not pedaling.

Actually, I did not like the throttle. It truly is scalable, meaning that instead than remaining an on/off button it can be a lever that lets you select electricity alongside a continuum. Even when pinning it to its most, there was a prolonged hold off just before the bike would go. It was discouraging at stoplights, so I almost never used the throttle at all. It also failed to add considerably oomph to the bicycle when it was going. Flinging it to 100 per cent throttle failed to do anything the pedal aid was not by now performing, so it really is not like a raise button that’ll pour on extra electricity. Not all throttle are increase buttons, but it is worthy of pointing out.

Challenging Quit

Photograph: Wing

Halting is a lot more of an issue. The cable-actuated disc brakes experience weak, even on a somewhat light 39-pound bike (which is lightweight for an ebike). New York Town puts the stress in worry-braking, and I generally deal with my good share of challenging stops thanks to impatient drivers, oblivious pedestrians and, once, a person participating in cards in the bicycle lane.

The Independence X’s brakes normally stopped me just before selected doom, but I usually felt that I was applying just about every past bit of braking electrical power to occur to a halt in individuals circumstances. Hydraulic brakes present far better stopping ability, although they are not typical at this price tag. Cable brakes usually are not necessarily terrible, but I would have preferred to see more powerful ones in this article.

They also squeal like two pigs with a bellyache. I chalked it up to my certain bicycle right up until I examine evaluate just after evaluation of Freedom house owners reporting the exact same, so it seems like Wing’s choice of brake pad could possibly be to blame. You might have to swap out the inventory brake pads for your sanity. It won’t expense much and it is not difficult, and it is really not a reason to prevent the Independence X.

The X Aspect

I tested the Freedom X ($1,449), but there is certainly one more quite related product Wing gives identified as the Flexibility 2 ($1,299). The X’s upgrades are a torque sensor for the pedals in its place of a cadence sensor and a exhibit properly integrated into the top tube, which demonstrates details these as pace and battery amount.

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