Shark Vertex DuoClean Review: Not a Dyson-Killer

In my humble view, Dyson stick vacuums are the apotheoses of the sort. They are light-weight, potent, easy, beneficial, and wonderful. Nevertheless, for a family product that gets so a lot use, I want they were a minor sturdier. Following many decades, I blew out the motor on the Dyson V7. Two several years later, I dropped my treasured V11, which cracked the scenario. Oh, and I unintentionally fried the circuit board while rinsing off the washable filter.

Instead than investing in yet another Dyson destined to split my coronary heart, I determined to investigate the Shark line, commonly touted as the Dyson killer. Shark is the most well known vacuum brand name in The united states, and its vacuums have acquired best marks for reliability and relative affordability. 

The Dyson effect—making common home products and solutions premium and desirable—is very serious. Nonetheless, not only do Dyson solutions perform nicely, they’re also attractive and have design aspects that make them overall much more pleasant and less difficult to use. If you’re as ham-handed with your electronics as I am, you will probably want to get a Shark. If not, stick with a Dyson.

Really hard to Cope with

Dyson reviews—including my own—mostly fork out focus to the vacuum’s visual appearance and electricity. It took switching to a different stick vac for me to notice some of Dyson’s benefits. 

For case in point, a Dyson adhere vac will come with a docking station. You can mount the vacuum in a closet or a corner of your kitchen. Once you have screwed the dock into the wall, the vacuum neatly clicks in and starts immediately recharging. It also conveniently suppliers all the diverse vacuum heads. To recharge Shark’s Vertex, you have to plug a wire into the foundation of the vacuum and uncover a cardboard box to retail outlet the vacuum heads.

Photograph: Shark

After I got the Vertex, I plugged the charger into an outlet in my dim corridor closet. I rearranged some area, propped the vacuum skeptically from a wall, and shrugged. Then I fumbled all-around the ground for the twine, unintentionally unplugged my router, found the suitable wire, and plugged the vacuum back in. It’s not as elegant. 

At a smidge above 9 kilos, it’s practically two times as weighty as its closest competitor, the Dyson V7. The brush head is a lot greater much too, so it is additional challenging to immediately maneuver it in small rooms. Finally, it’s not as quite as the Dyson and just a tiny more durable to use.

For case in point, the brush head has a footprint marker on it. (I understood right after a although it can be to set your foot on it to unlock the brush head.) The Dyson won’t have to have you to place your foot on it for any reason, nor does it want such a marker. 

Maintain Your Powder Dry

As its name implies, the Vertex DuoClean has two modes—one for really hard surfaces and one for tender types. When you switch the brush head over, you are going to see a comfortable roller for regular get hold of with the floor and a self-cleansing brush roll mounted with PowerFins, polyester-and-silicone rubber wipers that dig into the carpet for greater cleaning energy.

On paper, the Vertex has considerably a lot more likely for it than a V7. It has additional capabilities, like a bendable tube for acquiring below sofas and beds. Not to point out it runs for close to an hour, which is extended than the V7’s measly 30 minutes. (Of program, operate time matters fewer when you can simply plop the V7 correct back into its charging holster rather than scrabbling all around your closet floor for the wire.)

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