Remi Custom Night Guard Review: Big Convenience, So-So Fit

When you reach a specific age, your dentist will invariably tell you it is time to think about a night guard. It must be part of the normal dental playbook, and something that will most likely cost you in the realm of $350 to $500. Which is a significant charge for what is mainly a slab of rubber that is created to assist you halt clenching your jaw or grinding your tooth though you sleep.

Dentists justify these price ranges due to the fact they are tailor made fitted and can be adjusted in the business office, although Do it yourself versions that you mould in hot h2o can be commonly found for about $20. Avoid these, claims Charlotte, North Carolina, dentist Erik Reitter. “You’re greater off donning practically nothing than wearing a person that has not been equipped thoroughly. A terribly in good shape night guard can improve your chunk.”

Remi is part of a new group of startups—including Cheeky, Chomper, and Professional Tooth Guard—that provide a middle possibility: You get impressions at residence, mail them in, and get your night guard transported to you, all with out at any time possessing to pay a visit to a dentist. Normally, numerous supply a membership service so you can get a contemporary retainer on the normal (every three to six months or so), total with discounted value.

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At $149 for a one guard kit or $99 if you sign up for the biannual club, Remi’s kit is amongst the most economical of this group, while all of these solutions function in about the identical way. When the Remi kit comes in the mail, unboxing reveals two sets of trays (a person for huge mouths, one for small) and many balls of blue and white molding clay. Pursuing the watchful recommendations in the package, you knead a blue and white ball collectively to activate it, roll the clay into tubes that in shape in the trays of your choice, and pop the trays in your mouth (leading and base enamel) for a handful of minutes right until they almost harden. Mail the completed trays back again to Remi and your completed evening guards arrive in a week or so.

This section of the method appears daunting, but it went easily in my tests irrespective of a whole lot of drooling and the unavoidable anxiety that the trays would harden too promptly and get trapped in my mouth endlessly. It is uncomplicated to see why Remi sends two sets of trays: The 2nd established goes extra easily than the very first. Reitter notes that he does not use these types of molds any more now he will take a 3D photographic scan instead.

Following my trays arrived, what I seen right away is that the night time guards were more compact than I expected—certainly a lot more compact than the common, boxer-esque guard that I have been recommended in the previous. They’re also quite a little bit tougher not the firmly rubbery character that you get with a regular evening guard, but much more like a stiff acrylic. Although night time guards arrive in a wide range of formats, these were nearer in sizing and stiffness to Invisalign retainers than a conventional system.

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The in good shape was, properly, so-so. The trays match superior in front than in the rear, and they tended to pop off my back again teeth without having provocation. And while I’m accustomed to sleeping with Invisalign retainers in, I uncovered the Remi trays to be a little daunting in my mouth, flaring oddly outward near the gums—which contributed to the standard looseness. I found I could not actually sleep with them in and ultimately experimented additional with them through the day.

There’s a cause daytime use make feeling, by the way, for the reason that Remi trays can also be utilized for teeth whitening, and Remi will market you the whitening gel when you purchase the trays for an more $26. Regrettably I also had trouble with the whitening gel tubes, which arrived disconcertingly packaged in a Ziploc bag with the top rated haphazardly trimmed off to make it glance far more industrial. The gel was nearly thoroughly liquid, and it experienced a terrible tendency to blast out of the syringe and make a mess when I tried to apply it to the trays. For the reason that of this, I only obtained a solitary tube to previous a few or 4 times, nevertheless the 3-tube provide is meant to be utilised in excess of two weeks. I didn’t recognize any considerable improve in my teeth whiteness just after finishing the a few tubes, but that is about par for the system in my encounter with these sorts of goods.

The only serious additionally of the Remi package above a skilled dental night time guard, apart from the value, is that you can do the entire issue at home, and in an era of Covid, which is a major additionally certainly. At the incredibly minimum, I recommend the package for individuals who want a momentary night time guard but who are not all set to undertaking into a health care workplace yet—with the knowing that it will not be best and that it will eventually need to have to be changed by a little something additional skilled.

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