Polar Grit X Review: Great Training Coach, Poor Backcountry Companion

Every stamina athlete fears the dreaded bonk. There you are, operating with no a care in the globe, when all of a unexpected your system crashes. Abruptly, you metamorphose from a capable human being into an motionless sea anemone, your useless tentacles waving wildly.

Marathoners call it “hitting the wall”, but it can come about in any sport for any number of explanations. Maybe your blood sugar crashed or you forgot to sip water. Probably the wind was a lot tougher than it was in schooling, or your new protein bars do not have as several calories. Figuring out the specific quantities of gasoline you require, and when, can just take a long time of experimenting.

Health wearable enterprise Polar thinks it has figured it out. Its newest sporting activities observe is geared toward severe endurance athletes, with a new element identified as FuelWise that allows you to software clever or guide reminders to take in or consume. It has a couple huge flaws, but I nonetheless like the Grit X a ton.

Adaptation Station

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If all health wearables were being substantial college stereotypes, Garmin would be the burly jock, Fitbit the prom queen, and Polar the lovable nerd busily programming their graphing calculator.

The Grit X has designed-in GPS and Glonass, a compass, altimeter, and optical coronary heart amount watch. It data incredibly granular facts in its accompanying net and app provider, referred to as Polar Move, which syncs with preferred health and fitness platforms like Apple Health, Strava, and Nike+ Run Club.

Polar Movement is not the most desirable app or the least difficult one particular to use, but on the watch, it’s one of my favorite education platforms. The education program, identified as FitSpark, is adaptive, which usually means it adjusts in accordance to the exercising you’ve got completed or want to do.

First, you choose the onboard conditioning take a look at, which estimates your aerobic health by measuring your heart amount and coronary heart-fee variability though you might be lying down, and usually takes into account other variables like your age, gender, height, and entire body bodyweight. It truly is a (really tough) estimate of your VO2 max, a measurement that our editor in chief, Nick Thompson, calls “the size of your car’s engine.”

At the time the Grit X has calculated your fitness stage, it will ascertain which workout routines can preserve or improve it. It remembers my earlier physical exercises and indicates that these days may be a great working day for strength conditioning vs . cardio or stretching. If I click Yes to increase my strength nowadays, it implies bodyweight teaching. If I you should not have my personal regimen, it will counsel particular exercises, like squats or sit-ups.

In contrast to most fitness platforms that are pretty prescriptive—you both shell out attention to the recommendations or you don’t—the Grit X will accommodate any decisions I choose to make, no matter if I want one more working day of cardio or unique toughness-developing routines. It also took into account my rest patterns (or “nightly recharge” in Polar-talk) to advise what variety of workout and intensity of work out to do.

When I did document exercises—I ran, did yoga, went on walks and hikes, and biked—I didn’t knowledge lag time or inaccuracies with the GPS recording for outdoor actions. I didn’t come across any discrepancies in the mileages, maps, and heart premiums on founded routes as recorded by various Garmins. The rest tracker was also fairly precise. It instructed me when I experienced a bad night’s snooze soon after a cocktail and a wonderful 1 without.

Missing in the Woods

Photograph: Polar

In contrast to other Polar watches I have attempted, like the Vantage M and the Ignite, the Grit X is a backcountry observe and Polar’s endeavor to go right after the hardcore Garmin fans. It has a 1.2-inch colour touchscreen, with a sport strap and 5 buttons all around a stainless metal bezel. Improved yet, it can survive up to 40 hours with the GPS managing, and or else all-around 4 to five times on a single charge.

But here’s the key flaw with it: There are no onboard maps. I get lost in the woods by stepping 10 feet off a trail to pee. I’m not going to buy a enjoy for use in the backcountry that doesn’t occur with maps. The Grit X does have a compass, and it integrates with the Komoot app for route organizing. But introducing Komoot to the observe and preplanning routes is a agony in the tuchus. Also, I don’t usually comply with preplanned routes.

I am also not certain about the utility of FuelWise. Learning how to gasoline by yourself competently is an imprecise science, a reality that Polar acknowledges. With good reminders, FuelWise normally takes into account your age, gender, height, weight, utmost heart fee, resting heart fee, VO2 max, cardio coronary heart fee threshold, and anaerobic heart level threshold.

It is an ambitious, intriguing undertaking, but your system by now has a fairly sensitive procedure for alerting you when you want to consume or drink. These reminders are called “thirst” and “hunger.” In the couple lengthy bike rides and hikes that I was equipped to consider with the Grit X, my mouth and abdomen tended to ping me before the view did. FuelWise reminders may well be useful on very long operates when you might be in the zone, but for numerous athletes, I surprise if tinkering with effective FuelWise reminders may well be extra frustrating than just getting a crack just about every hour.

On the Grit X, Hill Splitter is a further new software that instantly detects hills and tracks your ascent time vs . your descent time. Unlike ClimbPro on the Garmin, it is automatic and effortless to use. It just flicks to a distinctive monitor when it detects you going uphill at a threshold of all around 30 toes.

Even so, it’s a lot fewer helpful than you may possibly assume. All the mountains around me are currently closed owing to shelter-in-area regulations, but on an 80-foot climb, Hill Splitter didn’t flip on till I was around the top rated. Also, the just one detail I want to know with a hill is how much for a longer time I’m heading to have to huff up it, which is 1 stat Hill Splitter just cannot explain to me (but ClimbPro can).

A Fun Experiment

Finally, the Grit X feels more like a entertaining believed experiment than a absolutely baked enjoy. It was enjoyment to attempt and thrust myself to result in the fueling reminders, but particularly throughout the 7 days, I’m way much more likely to operate 30- to 60-moment path operates where maps are significantly much more necessary than treats or water.

Continue to, I appreciate the Polar Move training app. It will come with a bunch of enjoyable, maybe even helpful features, and most importantly, it’s much, significantly less expensive than a similar Garmin. If you are planning a summer season of long solo hikes, you could do a ton worse.

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