Dyson Omni-glide Stick Vac Review: A Better Broom Substitute

Dyson has carved out a very exclusive niche in the better conclusion of the dwelling equipment industry. The firm has a lengthy heritage of turning plebeian products—air purifiers, hair dryers, vacuums—into exquisite, insanely priced prestige products that in some way often carry out better than advertised.

Each yr, I question if this will be the yr Dyson jumps the shark and we all simultaneously realize that it is total insanity to shell out up to $700 on just one of the company’s vacuums. I assumed surely this year’s Omni-glide, the company’s most recent adhere vacuum, would be it. The standard premise is absurd. The title describes a vacuum that can be pushed in any route and that is generally for use on hardwood floors. 

But as far as I understood, all vacuums go in all directions. Really don’t they? And I already use all of Dyson’s vacuums on hardwood. 

Well, butter my butt and phone me a biscuit, for the reason that the Omni-glide has speedily come to be my preferred Dyson equipment. Even as opposed to Dyson’s former stick vacs, I experienced no plan a floor vacuum could be this mild, maneuverable, and valuable for buying up the utter destruction that can final result from serving my young ones berry cake for snack. Darn it, Dyson, you have done it once more.

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At this time, I have the Omni-glide plugged in future to the Dyson V15 Detect, which is the most up-to-date cordless stick vacuum in Dyson’s well-liked V-collection line. The V-series are now quite light-weight and tiny, but the Omni-glide is about fifty percent its size. It’s 3.5 ft tall and weighs 4 lbs.

The design and style in which you function the Omni-glide is unique and intelligent. Each individual solitary other cordless vacuum I’ve tried using makes use of a result in that you activate with a pointer finger, significantly like squirting a drinking water gun at your ground.

Nevertheless, the Omni-glide turns on with a button on the stem. Then you maintain the deal with like a wand. This design also utilizes a one of a kind, pivoting head. The neck is a lengthy, adaptable, supported spring that can rotate a complete 360 degrees. On the base of the vacuum, the head has two tender rollers and four little casters that also allow the head to swivel about in any course.

The big difference between making use of an Omni-glide and a frequent cordless adhere vacuum is like transferring from a rollaboard have-on suitcase with two wheels to one with four. As an alternative of awkwardly executing a 10-issue turn to maneuver it into the airport rest room stall with you, you can effortlessly drive it to make it slide in forward of you.

Of course, since the Omni-glide is significantly more compact than the common stick vacuum, that suggests both the battery and the dust bin are smaller sized. It has an amazingly small bin ability of .05 gallons in comparison, the however quite svelte V15 has a bin capacity of .2 gallons, which is 4 instances larger. I did not uncover the small bin dimension to be an difficulty, considering that my household is mainly carpeted and I largely employed the Omni-glide to tidy up our kitchen area and eating room soon after meals. This may possibly be some thing to take into account, even though, if all of your flooring are hardwood.

Battery everyday living is a paltry 20 minutes. I was capable to check this inadvertently mainly because we a short while ago moved into a new residence and I did not understand that one specific wall socket in our new household failed to work. I only figured out the Omni-glide was not charging when it died after applying it to decide up immediately after foods for quite a few times in a row. 

Because then, I have identified a functioning outlet and it fees back again to complete when it can be docked. Amazingly, considering the fact that then, I’ve never had to use it for the comprehensive 20 minutes. When a vacuum is this uncomplicated to maneuver, you never squander valuable battery time wrestling it into the exact proper location upcoming to the chair, less than the desk, or in the corner.

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