7 Signs You’re Wasting Your Life With Your Boyfriend

“Is my boyfriend ‘The One’ or is he just wasting my time?” This is a frequent question for ladies in relationships, particularly when you truly feel your relationship isn’t likely anywhere. The really hard part is that when you’re in enjoy with another person, it is easy to ignore obvious purple flags and stay with […]

What Are The Best Dating Sites and Apps?

DISCOVER HOW SMART, STRONG & SUCCESSFUL WOMEN (THAT’S YOU!) CAN FINALLY Find Your Man DISCOVER HOW SMART WOMEN LIKE YOU CAN FINALLY Find Your Man Take this short quiz to discover what you need to do now. Take this short quiz now GET STARTED The most popular questions I get are:  “Where can I go […]

What To Do With An Emotionally Unavailable Man

You are smitten. It’s easy to see why. He’s entertaining. He’s pretty. He’s thriving. And he’s interested in you. Obviously, you want him to become your boyfriend and get started to visualize a upcoming with him. There’s just just one detail: he’s emotionally unavailable. Which signifies that even if he’s a wonderful capture, he’s a […]

How to Attract the Right Men

Perhaps you considered looking for adore would be less complicated now that you are more mature, wiser and have your job and finances in area.  Feel yet again. Finding a quality spouse in your 40s is a ton trickier than when you were being youthful.  Not just due to the fact the dating pool is […]

Dating After 40: How to Attract the Right Men

Maybe you thought looking for love would be easier now that you’re older, wiser and have your career and finances in place.  Think again. Finding a quality partner in your 40s is a lot trickier than when you were younger.  Not just because the dating pool is smaller. Not just because you may be rusty […]

Are you staying with him for too long?

Are you staying with him for too long? Understand Men. Find Love. Skip to content Happy Clients “Hang in there if you are feeling despair — if this 60 year old English professor can find love, I suspect you can too!” I know so much more about men and how they think, and because I […]

(Epic Story!) What to Do When You Feel Stuck

Have you ever felt caught? You just finished a extended-phrase marriage that didn’t outcome in relationship. Trapped! You retain hooking up with adult men who really don’t want to dedicate to you. Caught! You day guys who don’t excite you in any way. Trapped! You browse men on the net but never uncover any person […]

Is Marriage Worth It? Why or Why Not?

Is Marriage Worth It? Why or Why Not? | Evan Marc Katz Understand Men. Find Love. Skip to content If your parents were divorced…If they stayed together for fifty years while fighting miserably…If you were divorced after a long marriage…You’re bound to have negative associations with marriage. For you, marriage means pain, angst, misunderstandings, silent […]

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